Happy Hour (Campus Edition): Navigating Back-to-School after COVID-19

Tune in to hear University of Calgary students Shams, Sanam and Renne discuss the first week back at school: navigating the campus, adjusting to in-person classes again, connecting with classmates and professors, and how to reduce stress.

Self-Care & Mindfulness with John Wang

Tune in for a conversation between Bess Yang and John Wang about what “self-care” really means, managing stress, and what you can do to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic. John Wang is a Mental Health Counsellor and Psychologist-in-Training, finalizing his last year of graduate studies in Child Psychology at the University of Calgary.

Tools for Positive Mental Health with Ronni Abraham

Join Colleen Cory (from the Coffee with Colleen podcast) for a conversation with Ronni Abraham, Manager of Mental Health and Mindfulness projects at TIES. Topics of discussion include thinking about your mental health holistically, being honest about your emotions and checking in with yourself regularly, and how you can get support.