Free Counselling

A safe space to get support for any difficulties you are facing. Offered online by appointment. First languages and interpretation services are available.

Express difficult feelings in a confidential environment. We offer free counselling for individuals, couples, and families. Our team of professional counsellors are here to support you and guide you through any challenges you may be facing.


Is Counselling Right for Me?

Anyone can benefit from counselling. It’s for people from all walks of life: all ages, all genders, all backgrounds. For both minor and major problems, counselling offers helpful solutions. Maybe counselling is a new concept for you, or you have some reservations about it. We understand that! Let's talk about some of the benefits.

For many people facing difficulties in life, they are tempted to keep it to themselves in order to appear as if they have things under control. This rarely solves the problem. Talking to a close friend can be helpful in the short-term, however, it is difficult to be totally honest with friends and family who are emotionally involved in your life. 

The role of a counsellor is to create a confidential space where you can be completely honest about the difficulties you are facing.
It’s important that the counsellor is not emotionally involved with the client. This allows the client to freely explore their feelings, identify the root of problems, and help you find solutions. Counselling will help you see things more clearly, and from different viewpoints. In the long-term, it will help you improve your relationships and make positive change in your life.

Remember: there is no shame in counselling.
It’s an opportunity to better yourself and find solutions for life’s many challenges. We offer online counselling services for free – so there’s nothing to lose by giving it a try! Our counsellors are registered professionals, ready and willing to help you.

What We Offer

It all starts with a conversation. Our counsellors are here to support you and guide you through any challenges you may be facing. Counselling offers a safe space to discuss issues and address problems at their root. You may need support with:

  • Isolation
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Depression /Anxiety
  • Financial difficulties
  • Addiction
  • Employment
  • Culture shock
  • Family issues
  • Parenting
  • Seperation / Divorce
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child behaviour
  • Bullying
  • Establishing boundaries