Why Healthy Minds?

Offering Support during a Challenging Time

Are you experiencing stress or anxiety because of the pandemic? Would you like some strategies, resources, tools and support to navigate this difficult time? Healthy Minds is here to help! Thanks to funding support from Alberta Health and the City of Calgary, The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) is proudly offering educational workshops, counselling, and information to help you overcome the mental health challenges of this period.

Many of us are overwhelmed with COVID-related information that encourages us to use available supports. The only problem is that this system is complex and sometimes hard to navigate. This website is built in order to make access to services easy for everyone. Even if you do not speak English fluently, TIES Healthy Minds can help you to get access to the tools that you need.

How We Support You

Workshops: Our registered counsellors provide free online psycho-education workshops accessible to all Albertans.
Counselling: Our free and private counselling services are led by professional counsellors. You can book a 50-minute session for individual, family or group counselling.


To improve Albertans’ mental health and resilience during COVID-19 and beyond through counselling, workshops, and improved access to community resources.


A convenient, interactive, safe and compassionate ground level platform which empowers Albertans with tools and services to cope with difficult seasons of life.


Ronni Abraham

Manager, Settlement and Mental Health

Ronni Abraham was born in Calgary and raised across the Canadian prairies. She comes from Metis and Mennonite heritage. She holds a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of Manitoba. She began her career as a university professor with a research focus that included the development of empathy and social determinants of wellbeing for children, women, and families. She shifted her focus to community-based work to create innovative programs that celebrate the power of the ordinary—family, play, community—to help people create joyful lives and hopeful futures. She served in leadership positions in several Calgary agencies and is delighted to be supporting TIES' settlement and mental health projects in her current role.

Contact Information:

E-mail: ronniabraham@immigrant-education.ca

Hanna Zavrazhyna

Mental Health Counsellor

Hanna is TIES mental health counsellor. She holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Calgary, as well as PhD in Linguistics. Hanna is registered as a social worker authorized to perform psychosocial interventions by Alberta College of Social Workers. Hanna has an extensive experience as a clinician in providing individual and group counselling to people struggling with mental health issues. She uses a wide variety of different interventions to support clients with their goals and transformation. While she has a diverse practice, she has particular interest in mindfulness wellness strategies and the process of recovery from chemical and behavioural addictions. Hanna believes people are their own best experts and already have many of the skills, abilities, and competencies that will assist them to address the challenges. Hanna is excited to be a part of the project that aims at supporting all Albertans during the times of pandemic. You might feel caught in unhealthy behavioural patterns, in chaos of life changes, or trapped by painful emotions and reactions that you cannot manage. Here is the place you can get help.

Contact Information:

E-mail: hannazavrazhyna@immigrant-education.ca