+ I lost my job. What should I do now?

Consider these next steps:
  • Negotiate your severance and settlements. Do not be pressured to accept your severance and settlement packages immediately. Think about the offers available to you, and don't be afraid to negotiate.
  • Ask for a letter of reference from your former employer. This will aid you in a search for a new job.
  • Request a Record of Employment (ROE). An ROE will help you collect Employment Insurance (EI). If you have not received your ROE within 14 days of your last pay from your previous employer, contact your nearest Service Canada Office.
  • Apply for Employment Insurance. This will provide temporary support while you are still unemployed. To apply for EI, you may file your claim online or in person at your nearest Service Canada office.
  • Partake in financial planning. Do not be afraid to seek financial advice from your accountant, banker of financial adviser. Financial Coaching is available at TIES as a part of our Money Smart Program. Click here to register.
Apply for Income Support

You may apply for Income Support assistance through Alberta Community & Social Services if:

  • You do not have a severance package.
  • You are not eligible for EI.
  • You have no other resources as income (including family support, investment or savings.)

Contact the Healthy Minds team for referral or guidance to approach AB Community and Social Services.

+ Where can I search for another job?